Alessandra Rito

I was born in Turin, where I trained as a dancer and pursued my earlier career as a performer and choreographer. For over 10 years I worked with Turin’s leading dance companies, and studied dance and a wide range of bodywork techniques, in Germany, France, and the United States.

After graduating in Educational Psychology and with the benefit of considerable experience behind me, I created a repertory of exercises designed to improve awareness of the body and of the mind: Armonizzazione© (Harmonisation). The method is intended not only for people whose work involves using the body but also for anyone who wants to maintain themselves in good physical and mental working order; it involves doing exercises without strain and with immediate results. I chose the term Armonizzazione because it reflects the importance I give to harmony in movement and to gesture taken to perfection as expressions of inner equilibrium. In 2002 Magnanelli published my manual titled Esercizi di Armonizzazione with a foreword by yoga master teacher Gabriella Cella.

My journey with yoga started in spring 1980, after a lesson given by master teacher Carla Perotti in the Sadhana Centre in Turin; a deep relationship developed, and continues to this day.

The various training courses I have completed, both in Italy and abroad, and the experience I have gained from three decades of teaching have enabled me to perfect my teaching style, which is based on gradual progress and motor awareness. In my Hatha yoga lessons, I present Armonizzazione techniques that can improve stretching, tonification and relaxation, and that enable a personalized approach that can be tailored to suit the individual characteristics of anyone who engages in the practice of yoga.

In addition to regular lessons, theme-based courses, and residential seminars, I have created ARYA, a yoga teacher training school and innovative program where those who are more motivated can, in turn, acquire the skills needed to communicate and share with others the many advantages of regular practice of Hatha Yoga.



Seminario Aromaterapia Scientifica
Dr. Dominique Baudoux

Ginnastica Posturale Evolutiva
Secondo F. Mézières e I. Bertherat
Scuola italiana di Bodywork Fasciale
22 hours

Master di Specializzazione
Storytelling Audio
24 ORE Business School

Kaua’i (Hawaii) • Sadhana Intensive Program 150 hours

AYM Rishikesh 200 Hrs Ttc

Master Yoga Studies
Università Cà Foscari, Venezia

Rasa Restorative Yoga
Lotus Flow Center, NY

Master of Yoga (Yoga Acharya)
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy
Val Morin, Canada

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training
Karma Kids Yoga, NY

Essential Certificate Thai Yoga Massage
Lotus Palm, Canada

Training Program Thai Massage
Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, Phuket, Thaiandia

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
California College of Ayurveda

Yoga Teacher (Yoga Siromani)
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy
Woodbourne, NY

Scuola Quadriennale Insegnanti Yoga Ratna
Maestra Gabriella Cella, Piacenza

Pilates Teacher
Studio Pilates Anna Cova Milano

Laurea in Psicopedagogia
Università di Torino


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